Position title
Social Worker

The function of a Licensed Social Worker (Skill Building Staff) is to manage and provide

mental health and skill-building counseling and support to residents at Timothy hill and their families.


Duties and Responsibilities:

Pursuant to the 29-I Medicaid Managed Care program, counseling and intervention services shall include:

  • Establishing treatment goals for children, utilizing historical and current available information in collaboration with the multi-disciplinary team;

  • Assisting children and youth to develop skills as defined in treatment goals;

  • Providing psychiatric supports and therapy;

  • Providing individual counseling and treatment, substance abuse counseling and treatment, trauma-informed counseling and treatment, family and group counseling, and transition counseling;

  • Promoting integration with community resources and skill-building;

  • Providing psycho-education and wellness education;

  • Communicating with family, case planning staff and medical practitioners;

  • Utilizing interventions drawn from evidence-based psychotherapeutic methodology; and

  • Structuring interventions to decrease problem behavior and increase developmentally appropriate pro-social behavior.

The Licensed Social Worker services shall also, and more specifically, include the following:

  • Read, understand and support the Timothy Hill Mission and Vision Statements;

  • Counsels youth regarding their reason for being at Timothy Hill and as problems develop, whatever their needs may be;

  • Complete psychosocial examination within 30 days of resident placement;

  • Develop goals and treatment plan for new residents with team;

  • Handle routine discharge of children in accordance with established procedure;

  • Serve as an advocate for child in all matters, not as a disciplinarian;

  • Handle contact with parent / managing conservator;

  • Conduct family counseling sessions as part of the plan of service to youth and families;

  • Maintain records of counseling and log of significant happenings;

  • Prepare daily notes of caseload for files;

  • Perform 30 day, 90 day and 6 month UCR (Uniform Case Review);

  • Conduct home assessments;

  • Arrange for trips and transportation for children to Nassau or Suffolk County Justice and Family Courts, Committee on Special Education Hearings, Stony Brook University Hospital, psychiatric / psychological appointments, home visits for weekend trips and holidays;

  • Attend team and staff meetings and carry out decisions of these meetings;

  • Enforce campus rules and regulations as established;

  • Meet with child Protection Services, Department of Social Services, Probation and Juvenile Aid Bureau and teachers for called meetings;

  • Schedule home visits with follow up calls to parents;

  • Network with other agencies;

  • Must be on call as assigned;

  • Attend workshops and seminars that would aid in improving skills as they relate to overall welfare of childcare; and

  • Any other reasonable duties assigned by the Administrative Social Worker.

Physical Demands of the Position:

  • Ability to sit for periods, type, and use a computer. Job Requirements:

  • Must have a high level of integrity and ability to work with confidential information.

  • Must be flexible, self-motivated, and able to follow through on tasks and projects.


Education / Licenses / Certificates / Experience:

  • Must be a licensed behavioral health practitioner (LBHP) which can include psychoanalyst; clinical social worker; marriage and family therapist; or mental health counselor or master social worker. (29-I)

  • Must be in compliance with NYSED licensing requirements and all applicable laws, rules and regulations. (29-I)

  • Must complete Mandated Reporter Training. (29-I)

  • Must hold a Therapeutic Crisis Intervention certification.

  • Note: The above must be verified and/or completed, prior to engaging directly in the care and supervision of children. (29-I)

Required Background Checks:

  • NYS Statewide Central Register of Child Abuse and Maltreatment (SCR)

  • NYS Sex Offender Registry (SOR)

  • NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) Fingerprinting

  • NYS Justice Center Staff Exclusion List (SEL)

  • NYS OMIG Medicaid Exclusion List

  • Note: The above background checks be performed prior to engaging directly in the care and supervision of children. (29-I)


Send your resume to [email protected] to apply.

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298 Middle Rd, Riverhead, New York, 11901, USA
Date posted
October 28, 2022
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