When most people think about February, Valentine’s Day comes to mind. A time that they spend with their significant other, celebrating one another’s companionship and love. This is a time spent enjoying lavish dinners, romantic comedies, and decadent chocolates. A holiday so widely celebrated that it takes up its own month – hence The Month Of Love.

However, at Timothy Hill Ranch, the concept of sharing the love is not limited to this one holiday. In a matter of fact, it’s not even limited to just the month of February! Spreading the love amongst our young men and women is something we commit to on an everyday basis. 

Planting Seeds of Love

Here at Timothy Hill Ranch, our vision is “Transforming Lives Through Christ’s Love.” To bring that vision to life, we plant seeds of love in all the youth that come through our doors. To quote Fern Hill, “You can count the amount of seeds in an apple, but you cannot count the amount of apples in a seed.” When planting seeds of love, there is no way of determining the impact or reach that our actions will have in the future! Witnessing the fruits of our labor in the success of our young men and women remains a large motivator why we do what we do.

Fern is an excellent example of somebody who always poured her love into everyone she came into contact with. Full of love, positivity, and faith, she planted the original seeds that led us to be where we are today! Regardless of what walk of life they were on, Fern welcomed everybody with open arms. 



The Why and How

“Transforming Lives Through Christ’s Love” isn’t just a saying, it’s a lifestyle. It is an encapsulation of our vision here at Timothy Hill. A lot of our young people come from traumatic backgrounds where love may not have been present. Due to that, they may be initially untrusting or standoffish. We believe the best way to remedy that is by a healthy dose of LOVE! The constant funnelling of love has a way of making an impact that feels larger than life. That is why every day we continue to strive – changing one life at a time!

Now, we would like to urge you to go spread some love and positivity! Whether its today, next week, or in a decade from now – remember that planting that one seed of love can have greater impacts than you could possibly know!