Timothy Hill Ranch is entering a new era. It has been fifty years since Timothy’s passing. My mother Fern “graduated to glory”, and my father Jerry, while recovering from his stroke, has passed on the torch of Timothy’s dream almost entirely to the team. We have expanded to four states, the latest of which is Arkansas. It seems like a time of new beginnings. To symbolize this, I started us down the path of creating a new logo and with the help of the Timothy Hill Ranch team and Think Idea Studio, located in Searcy, AR. Together we’ve come up with something beautiful – reminiscent of the original logo while also being fresh and exciting. With the board’s help, we analyzed early logo drafts and received feedback instilling the original dream with the current energy of our programs.

The Apple

The new logo has many facets that inspire me. First off, we have kept the Apple as a symbol of what the ranch stands for. It is stated best by one of Fern’s legendary phrases, “You can count the number of seeds in an apple, but not the apples in a seed!” How true! Those who take part in the mission of the Ranch rarely know how far-reaching and mature those planted seeds can become. As a reminder of Fern’s legacy, Tara Peacock, our designer at Think Idea Studio, added seed icons next to the word Ranch. As I always say about my mother, she was a giant in a little body. Just like a seed of faith, once planted you never know where and how far it can take you. The seed to me represents that faith Fern & Jerry have displayed. They were so passionate, so caring and so trusting throughout life that God was able to use a seed of faith and touch thousands and thousands of lives.


The Horse

Next is the horse that represents Timothy’s appaloosa named Apple. Horses are central to all of our locations and our organization’s story. Timothy’s dream was for youth to have wide open places to ride horses, and how amazing this dream is to see actualized. Working with God’s creation is transformational for so many of our young residents. It is a thing to behold. We recently added horses to the ranch in Searcy. The horse on the logo is in movement, not wild, but driven with a purpose, a goal, and a vision for where it is going. An aspiration we hold for all of our residents.

Finally, the font. It is simple, yet rugged. Rustic, yet new. A unique accent is the serifs (the little tails) added to the words, “Timothy Hill Ranch”. There are three of them; a number dear to my heart. Three to me symbolizes the three that started the Ranch: Timothy, Fern and Jerry. Three to me also symbolizes the Father, Son and Holy Spirit who have led and sustained the Ranch throughout the years during feast and famine, building God’s everlasting kingdom!

We have intentionally built important pieces of our story into the logo and we hope you are as inspired by it as we are. We are working up shirts, hats and other items that you can order to represent the work going on at the Ranch! Let’s wave our passion flag high for Timothy Hill Ranch and its vision to Transform Lives through Christ’s Love!